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Our mission

In November of 2023 the K9 Ranger Project will be partnering with Wildlife Initiative Trust Africa to deliver a week long training seminar to over 50 K9 Anti-Poaching Rangers in Zimbabwe. The seminar will focus on topics such as human and canine combat casualty care, detection, tracking, grip work, and other canine related topics. The goal of the seminar is to enhance operational capacity and effectiveness of the K9 Anti-Poaching Units who attend. This seminar will be free of charge and attendees will be provided with instructional materials and equipment that will enhance their operations in their fight against wildlife crime.

In recent years conservation groups across Africa have been enlisting the help of canines in anti-poaching efforts. The canines offer a unique set of skills including their ability to track, apprehend poachers, and conduct detection work. Despite being an asset, these units remain under funded, under equipped, and remain difficult to train due to a lack of access to equipment.


According to the College’s counter-poaching data, when responding to incursions without any K9 asset, the apprehension rate is low, about 3-5%. Working with a K9 Unit, it increases to 54%

       - South African Wildlife College

Meet the Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The K9 Ranger Project was formed by a team of volunteers who specialize in training working canines and handlers. Members of the project bring a wealth of lived and learned experience, having worked in special operations units, law enforcement, conservation, or as internationally recognized canine trainers. 

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